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Sith Cabal Directive — Darth Daeus


Screams in Nexus
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Apr 9, 2017

The Grand Directive
Our Cabal was created as a contingency in the event that our Lord, Darth Sidious, would be unsuccessful in his execution of the Grand Plan. Word of his arrest and nature are presently radiating through the Galaxy, but we cannot allow this to stall us. The Dark Lord presented us with the Grand Directive in the event of this very situation. The Grand Directive will ensure that the Galactic Republic and its unholy relationship with the Jedi Order comes to an end, and that we will finally be able to extinguish their heretical Order.

From his concealed position within the Confederacy government, Darth Ataer has paved the way for your involvement in Separatist military operations. The Confederacy MIlitary was in need of combatants trained in the Dark Side and saber combat after it lost Darth Tyrannus, Asajj Ventress, and General Grievous. The Cabal has moved into a more public position, though our leadership still remains in the shadows for the meantime. Any Sith not actively participating in sleeper or covert actions against the Republic & Jedi are directed to report to the Confederacy's Military for assignment and deployment on the war-front.

In the coming days we will be sending agents of the Cabal to Coruscant in preparations for a retrieval of our Dark Lord, be prepared. The slight against our Order will not be tolerated, and the Galaxy will feel the wrath of the Sith.

Darth Deus