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Spectres of the Past Event Announcement


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Spectres of the Past

Message Received...
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"At approximately 1100 hrs. this morning, galactic standard time, one of our agents tumbled across something extraordinary within an old Imperial archive; the location of Ysanne Isard's personal prison. As you know, Isard was the Director of Imperial Intelligence back when the Empire was still in power and the Republic was nothing but a Rebellion. A notoriously cold and ruthless woman, Isard was known to maintain a secret prison where she tortured Rebels and any sympathizers she could find for information, then turned them into sleeper agents and sent them back to kill their friends and sabotage the Rebellion's efforts. Countless lives were lost to this tyrant, but we finally have the precise location of this prison. Given the secretive nature of the facility, and the credentials of who ran it, it is very likely any intel stored on-site would be extremely valuable, if only to learn the full scope of what was done there.

A team will be dispatched immediately to secure the prison and any viable intel within it. Extreme caution is advised, this facility has been left dormant since at least the Battle of Coruscant, if not longer. The integrity of the facility and its systems are unknown, so anything can be expected. An underground shuttle system was also detailed in the data archive, and will be your primary access point to the prison. Move out as soon as the team is assembled.

~RIS Command"

Transmission terminated...

Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce the sign-ups for Spectres of the Past, a Republic only mission event. The mission is centered around the Lusankya, an Executor-class Super Star Destroyer that was buried under Coruscant's surface under orders from Palpatine himself. Parts of the vessel served as a prison for Imperial Intelligence. Your characters will be sent underground to investigate the prison and retrieve the data from its computer core and any useful equipment you may find. I will serve as the DM for this little endeavor, and look forward to writing an awesome story with you all.

I am looking for 4-5 Republic PCs for this, no restrictions on rank or branch. If you're interested, fill out the below form and post it here in this thread.

Character Name:
Character Profile Link:
Character Rank/Branch:

I plan on keeping sign-ups open through this Monday, but will extend them as needed.
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