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SR-series 4M Verpine Anti-Material Rifle

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Jan 1, 2019

(Integrated bipod not seen here)
Intent: To create a powerful anti-material rifle for Mandalorian marksmen to use against a variety of targets which can take a variety of ammunition types to allow them to remain versatile.

Production: Limited.

Affiliation: Mandalorians, Verpine, very limited deployment with Tenloss Marksmen due to alliance with Roche.
Materials: Duranium (frame), Dallorian Alloy (barrel)
Mass: 12 kilograms without scope
Length: 1150mm
Cartridge: 14.5x115mm
Action: Semi-automatic Coil Gun
Weapon Type: Verpine Shatter Anti-Material Rifle
Muzzle Velocity: 2 km/s
Effective Range (Hypersonic): 3000 meters
Maximum Range (Hypersonic): 3500 meters
Feed System: 10-round detachable magazine, 100 round power pack
Sights: Top mounted mounting rail can take any compatible optic.
Modularity: Yes. Ammunition types, bipods, stock, grips, cheek rest and other weapon add-ons.

  • Integrated Bipod
  • Integrated Gyrostabilizer Module (for firing standing up)
  • Integrated Barrel Cryo Cooling Lattice
Ammunition Available:
  • AP: Armor-piercing rounds with a depleted baradium core designed to act as a penetrator upon impact with armor.
  • HE: Deuterium detonator rounds designed to explode on contact with a hard surface with a half a meter blast radius.
  • APFSDS: Depleted baradium sabot, designed to penetrate heavy armor.
  • APFSDS-B: Beskar sabots, designed to penetrate beskar armor or equivalent. Extremely rare, and said rounds usually only find their way into the hands of Mandalorian Scout Commanders or Ori'rammikade snipers/marksmen.
  • High Explosive Incendiary Armor Piercing: Using a deuterium based explosive to trigger a blaster gas incendiary charge (similar to the NOVA40 grenade) before driving a depleted baradium penetrator into the target, the HEIAP rounds are extremely deadly. Expensive, but fielded by any self respecting Mandalorian sniper in some quantity.
  • Tracker Dust Rounds
  • Hypersonic: The rounds fired by this weapon are fired at hypersonic speeds, and hence they have a higher chance of penetrating armor and causing significant internal damage than traditional slugthrowers.
  • Whisper Quiet: Like all Verpine Shatter weapons, the SR-series 4M Verpine Anti-Material rifle is whisper quiet at the point of the shooter.
  • Pinpoint Accurate: Like most Verpine weapons, the rifle is extremely accurate.
  • Versatile: The variety of rounds available for the weapon make it highly versatile, able to engage a variety of targets.
  • Heavy: At twelve galactic standard kilograms, the weapon is quite heavy, making it inconvenient to carry over long distances.
  • Clumsy: Being far from perfectly weighted, the weapon is odd to move around much, and at close quarters operators are far better off just temporarily abandoning the weapon.
  • Rare: Owing to its made to order nature, spares for the rifle are rare, and usually each owner fiercely guards their own personal supply.
  • Expensive: Weapons aren't free, and so even discounted, few Mandalorians and Verpine can afford to buy these weapons. The few Tenloss even cleared to are usually assisted by their immediate superior with the purchase. Though it's not uncommon for Clans or squads to assist with the purchasing of said weapon for their snipers.
  • Heavy Ammunition: The ammunition for the rifle isn't exactly light either, making carrying large quantities of ammunition difficult, and after a certain point, nigh on impossible.
Verpine rifle manufactured on special order by request for Mandalorian Scouts as well as Clans and Ori'rammikade snipers. The more prolific said individual is, the more likely the Verpine are to prioritize that order. The weapon owes its origins to the period prior to Mandalorian rearmament as a design to deal with military speeders and light-medium armored vehicles. While the design was Verpine, the weapon was fine tuned and tested out by more than a few Mandalorians, who helped refine the prototype with their feedback.

The weapon doesn't deviate from Verpine weapons technology by much, but does feature a number of features that make it far more convenient to use. While it features an integrated bipod that can be traded out for a model the user prefers, it also features an integrated gyrostabilizer. The integrated gyrostabilizer balances the weapon relative to the nearest perpendicular surface and reduces the felt weight of the weapon using a micro-repulsor. This allows a user to fire the large and heavy weapon, standing up, rather than being required to brace it before firing. In order not to melt the barrel from heat generated by firing, it makes use of an advanced cryo cooling lattice, which can be configured to keep the weapon's temperature at the same temperature as the environment around it.

Unlike some variants of the Verpine Shatter Rifle, this rifle doesn't support nor feature the multi caliber barrel and magazine. Like most contemporary Verpine weapons, this one is both drop safe and EMP hardened. This however does not completely negate the effect of an EMP, and a powerful enough pulse can and will fry the weapon's accelerator assembly. Like most weapons favored by the Mandalorians, it is an easy to modify weapon, allowing for a wide variety of optics, grips and other weapon addons to be installed without much difficulty. Few Mandalorians have taken to coating the weapon and its magazines in reflec to reduce the weapon's scanner profile.
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