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Star Wars: Continuum


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Feb 21, 2018


A LONG TIME AGO, IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY, 500 ABY: the Galaxy, long plagued by war and strife, has enjoyed centuries of peace. Nearly a FIVE HUNDRED have passed since the destruction of the Second Death Star, and the death of Emperor Palpatine. Though the bloody war between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire spanned several more years, peace eventually came when the two warring factions reached a truce. Centuries passed, and the Imperial Remnant and freshly re-branded Galactic Alliance enjoyed peace. The Jed were restarted by Luke Skywalker, and his New Jedi Order grew to rival the Old Jedi Order in size and scope, at its prime.

As the centuries passed, the heroes of the Rebellion died away, and their stories became legend. The Jedi retained their temple on Coruscant, and in their arrogance they believed themselves to reign as the only remaining force-sensitive order. However, the Sith Order fell underground and survived from the shadows, as it had many times before in the past. The Imperial Remnant became largely ruled by Warlord Moffs in the aftermath of the truce. That tradition has continued through the years, though the conditions for the Imperial people have bettered with time.

Now, the reemerged Sith Order grows in the Imperial Remnant. They've broken from their rule of two, and allowed themselves to expand through parts of Imperial Space, even having taken over several Moff positions on the Moff Council—though still in secrecy. As threats of a returned Sith threat surface, the Jedi are ready for war. Their Masters are prepared to crusade on the enemy before they can grow to sizeable numbers. Meanwhile, the Alliance in its age has forgotten the threat the Sith once posed. They are hesitant to reignite war with the Remnant, and hope instead the Sith may prove themselves a nonthreat.

OOC: This is an RP set in the Star Wars universe, but set so far to the future so that we can carve out our own stories, without worrying about stepping on anything else. Due to some of the weirdness of canon, I'm going to lean more towards EU/Legends of this. That said: if it's something absurd from EU/Legends, ask me or a staff member about it first. The rule on OP/outlawed stuff is DBAA, don't be an asshole. We'll try to be as accommodating as we can of character ideas / stories.

You're open to make anyone, Jedi, Sith, Imperial, rebel Alliance Person, etc. You can even form your own groups, such as doing a Hutt Cartel or rebel secession faction. This is pretty open sandbox. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask me, I usually say yes to stuff.