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Engineering Tam’Venik

Tray Tor

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Apr 22, 2018

NAME: Tam'Venik
FACTION: Migrant Fleet (formerly), Blue Suns (formerly)
RANK: --
SPECIES: Quarian
AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 5’7"
WEIGHT: 170 Lbs (Including enviro-suit)
EYES: Unknown
HAIR: Unknown

Tam'Venik has often been described as klutzy by people that know her. Although she is a talented engineer and adept fighter she can come off as naïve and slightly ditzy. Tam is a mischievous person that enjoys helping people and playing embarrassing practical jokes equally. While she can be self serving at times she is always ready to lend a hand when others need her expertise.

Tam'Venik was born on the Quarian liveship “Shellen” and was the only child, per Quarian law, to a family of ship engineers. Her early life was uneventful and normal as life aboard a ship can get. Like other Quarian children Tam was confined to a clean room until she was old enough to be bound to a suit. She learned at a young age the art to repairing electronics and excelled in her apprenticeship as a mechanic in the Shellen’s engine room.

When she turned 18 Tam left the Migrant Fleet in order to embark on her pilgrimage and eventually found herself stuck on Omega, penniless and alone after managing to lose most of her credits shortly after leaving her transport on a rigged slot machine. She spent the greater part of a year working as a mechanic at the Omega dockyards, keeping motivated with dreams of returning to the migrant fleet successfully with a ship filled with expensive technology. Eventually she met a Turian by the name of Jorvik who worked as a mercenary for the Blue Suns. Seeing Tam's great skill at repairing electronics, Jorvik offered her a job as a gunship and mech mechanic for the Blue Suns. Eventually she left Omega and did a brief rotation at the Blue Suns owned Purgatory prison before eventualy saving enough credits to purchase a large stash of surplus Vindicator assault rifles and returned to the Migrant Fleet on a Blue Suns owned frigate.

As she docked and came aboard her old birth ship the enterprising batarian members of the Blue Suns began attacking the defenseless quarians and managed to steal thousands of credits worth of technology and supplies, as well as Tam's pilgrimage gift, before leaving her aboard the liveship. Tam was later arrested and tried for treason for her assumed role in the attack. She was found guilty and was spared the death penalty because because she never fired on her own people and was promptly exiled from the Migrant Fleet.

Devastated and alone, Tam was flown and marooned on the citadel where she eventually came back into contact with the Blue Suns. She learned that that the masterminds behind the attack on the Migrant Fleet had been summarily exicuted by their commander for their insubordination. Although she was once again offered a position with the mercenary group Tam declined the offer and instead chose to contract with Trident Technologies and began to work as a drive core engineer on board the Bastion during its final stages of development. Later she would be offered a place as a member of the Odyssey Expedition which she accepted without hesitation.

Quarian Enviro-suit, (several replacements and one marked with the Blue Suns symbol and colors.)
M-9 Tempest SMG
M-6 Carnifex Heavy Pistol
Omni Tool
Sentry Turrets

Cryo Blast
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