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Weapon "The Bad News"


Lewd Princess
Join Date
Feb 22, 2018

Advanced Technology?: No

Model: Heavily Modified T-6 Heavy Blaster Pistol

Affiliation: N/A

Ownership: Loxiss Neymir

Intent: I wanna be a cowboy, baby!

Weight: 1.6 kg

Ammunition Capacity: The energy cells that comprise the "cylinder" of the weapon (six in total) can be calibrated to three modes: Light (Green), Medium (Blue), and Heavy (Red). Each firing mode drains a steadily increasing amount of charge from the cells. When calibrated to Green, a fully-loaded cylinder is sufficient enough for 18 shots before reloading. Blue calibration allows for 12. Red calibration, 6.

Range: Approx. 65 meters

Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic, with a strong cooldown period after a full cylinder has been unloaded with Red calibration.

Description: A customized heavy blaster pistol, Loxiss has integrated an exposed energy cell system for ease of reloading, in addition to an adjustable frequency control to increase the power of shots, at the expenditure of more power from the cells. The construction of the weapon is sleek, with the grip being designed for Loxiss' own hands. It is designed with a metal, thigh-locking holster that the weapon can be placed in, and which will lock the weapon in place until Loxiss opens it via a biometric key.


Tech & HR Mod
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Mar 3, 2018
Hello there, just a few questions @Praxi-chan :
  • Could you give a general range of time between the calibrations?
  • General power of each calibration ( is 'Red' as strong as a standard heavy pistol, or is it slightly powerful? )