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Combat The Couriers


The Bud Light Knight
Join Date
Apr 18, 2018

Organization Structure: The Couriers operate throughout the galaxy under a set of code-names based on what their mission is. Past that basic categorization, it is up to the individual how they want to identify themselves . Working to keep an image shrouded in mystery while still getting their name out, Couriers perform different tasks for private individuals, as well as public organizations. A courier fulfills any job approved by the groups figurehead, "The Package Handler", as long as it pays the right sack of change.

Leadership: There is no former organizational structure aside from the groups main leader, The Package Handler. Many in the group have never met them, only being contacted with job offers. It is rumored within the organization that this leader title may actually be a collective of individuals. However, no regular member knows for certain. One thing that is certain however, is that there is a lot of money and connections dealt through The Package Handlers hands. Respect and wealth can be earned if a Courier follows their job and completes their tasks.

Roles: There are a few different roles that a courier can be when completing a job. This is determined by the task itself and the title should be used when a courier refers to another during a job or to the client. (Example: A courier code-named Grunt may be on an assassination mission. They would be referred to as "Executor Grunt".)


"Sometimes a client might need someone dealt with. The Couriers deliver packages of all kinds, including delivering a message. Need someone removed from the picture? The Couriers have it covered."


"Knowledge is our forte. Want to get a competitive edge on your competition? Need to know how to break into your enemies base? Think the wife might be cheating again? We can't fix your marriage but we can definitely give you the insider's scope on whatever you need to know."

Package Carrier

"Want something moved across town or even across the galaxy without risking your own ass to do it? The Couriers will move almost any package for the right price. Safe, secured, delivered at your request."


"Sometimes you wanna do the crime without paying for the time, this is where we come in. Our services allow for quick, easy distractions. Need a getaway from the law? We'll take the focus off you. Fighting a rival gang and need an out? Wouldn't it be a shame if a random guy with a gun ran in and started blasting away the competition..."

Location: There is no centralized location for The Couriers. If someone expresses interest in joining us, all you have to do is get our attention..

You are welcome to create a character as a Courier. Due to the style of leadership in this faction, there isn't a position that you have to start at, because there is only one position. (Excluding "The Package Handler", this is off limits.)

Another option you have for joining The Couriers(more fun in my opinion...) is to create a scene of social disruption. Maybe cause a riot and paste the logo somewhere, or hijack a ship and broadcast our name. Have fun with it. PM @Sly if you have any questions.