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Open The Master of Death: A Ride with the Dead


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Feb 26, 2018
As the First-Years left, Jack made his way with them until he heard a girl he didn't know shouting for help. It only took a few seconds for Jack to appear outside of the compartment and, while she was shouting that the Inferi had damaged her compartment, Jack wasn't so sure. Lighting the tip of his wand, the wizard glanced at the door and the rest of Rachel's compartment. While the dark may have concealed the truth, the fact of the matter was that there were no signs of damage to the outside of the door or the rest of the compartment.

Jack extinguished his wand and aimed a low-powered blasting curse at the door's lock, utterly destroying it. While it made it easy to enter, and leave, the cabin, it removed any evidence of Rachel's deed. The Irishman stepped inside the compartment with his wand held in front of him, shutting the door behind him and lowering his voice. "It's easy to rely on others but sometimes you have to do shit yourself. At the very least, don't make it so obvious next time, aye? We're supposed to be cunning and you're a fucking idiot to think that just damaging the internal lock will make it look like an Inferi or even a poorly-aimed spell hit the door. If you're going to choose yourself over the rest of us, be smarter about it you Yank bitch."

With that, Jack reopened the door without taking his eyes off of her. If she were to try to curse him, he would be able to defend himself without delay. If she didn't do anything, he would step back into the hallway and make his way back to the main group, if only to have witnesses should she decide that revenge was worth more than entry into Hogwarts.


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Mar 3, 2018
Oliver couldn't tell what was going on, only that he felt somebody supporting his sluggish body and depositing him somewhere soft- the cushioned seats of the train had never felt so safe for the fellow. He could only vague tell from his rapidly deteriorating eyesight that he was in a room, and that some unknown blurry mass was there with him. What did Lia call it- Feline? No, Felix, aye that was it. He was grateful for the assistance though could only really show by a series of incoherent grunts and half-formed, slurred words.

At the very least, his mind had begun to coalesce itself into its malleable, rational form. He raised a shaking hand and slowly squeezed it. Oliver held his breath until his lungs could hold it no more, then released the air through his teeth, hissing quietly. The shaking stopped.

Steadying his hand, he brought his wand to bear and tapped his temple. Closing his eyes and controlling his breathing, Oliver focused his mind on a spell:


The effect hit hard and instantly; his body jerked and his eyes begun to blink rapidly. A sudden wave of nausea caused him to fall onto his knees and vomit all over the floor. Oliver blinked- his vision had returned though the light shone a bit too bright for his eyes. Heaving for air, he looked up at Felix, shaking his head. "'ere's a sound as a pound advice from one kidda ter another: na bevvy unlabeled potions " he sputtered, hacking out more phlegm from the back of his throat. The taste was vile and the only thing preventing him from throwing up further was the lack of anything in his gut to throw out.

He stood up far too quick but caught himself before he fell, looking over the American's broad shoulder into the hallway, and then back into the fellow's eyes. "Whuz is everyone? Is de train peti yet? Do yous need anyth'n potion wise? Ay charge less fe de fella oo takes care o' me, ye nah." he couldn't help but chuckle slightly at his business-centric mind.

"Nah wait, introductions first: me name's Oliver- yous must be de uvver yank wi' us this year, yeah?"


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Feb 21, 2018
Rachel only gave Jack a coy glance, one side of her mouth crooking into a half-lipped smile, "Not sure what you're talking about here, but if I were trying to hide, that'd be nice advice-yeah." She stepped out of the cabin, looking around at the carnage about the train and the calm that was beginning to come over what had been a warzone. Jabbing an elbow into the boy's side rachel cocked her head at him, "I'm Rachel by the way.. I-" her eyes darted around them to see if anyone else was listening "I'm new here. I'm already feeling lost, I just- yeah. I should've damaged the door more." Her voice descended into a nervous laugh as she walked alongside him.

Before they joined the rest of the group she grabbed his arm, stopping him mid-stride "Keep your mouth shut around the others and I'll owe you one... I'll owe you whatever." With that she continued to the rest of the group, straightening out her clothes "Well that was alarming. Does this happen every year?"