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Happy Panda

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Feb 26, 2018
The Story So Far

Alright gentlemen!! Settle down now, don't think little ole Dandelion can't hear you in the corner there arguing?

Well, let's be fair, it was hard not to hear considering you made a public witch burning sound like a Scoia'tel stealth raid with how loudly you two were arguing in my tavern. Now, normally I would probably just ignore it and keep strumming along with me belle here, but in this particular case, with everyone's attention now sharply focused on us, I figure this to be a good opportunity for some truth in this accusatory and harsh world. I know, I know, what's the point in truth when you can argue over your obviously 100% accurate opinions, but trust me, it feels good to agree on something as opposed to fighting over it, I've seen the tip of a sword enough times in my life to know that, if anything.

Now then, if my ears weren't deceiving me, the two of you were arguing about why the world is the way it is, and our friend with the sword seemed adamant that this was no fault of the Witchers, whom we all know were present at the Battle of Skellige when the Godwave occurred. You, sir, disagree, you believe the Witchers are at fault...well, the truth is, you were both right, half right anyway.

Zoltan! Would you be so kind as to serve everyone while I enlighten them as to the truth of what made our world the way it is?

OK then, let's begin...

The Battle of Skellige

Now, by now, I'm sure many of you know about The Great Battle of Skellige, if not through story then through people grumbling about it in the streets and how it ruined their lives, the world etc.

The Wild Hunt, that spectral, ancient hoarde of warriors that came for naughty children in the night, had come to Skellige heralding the end of the world, or so people say. In truth, they were there for one thing, one person actually. Her name was Ciri, and she possessed a great power that the WIld Hunt desired for themselves known as the Elder Blood. Now many of you may ask, why not give her to the WIld Hunt? Well, simply put, she was the adoptive daughter of two very special individuals whom I have written about many times: Geralt of Rivia, my friend of over a decade, and Yennefer of Vengerburg, accomplished Sorceress and former advisor to the esteemed Emyhr van Emeris. They weren't about to let the King of the Wild Hunt take their family from them, and so, Queen Cerys An Craite rallied as many powerful individuals as they could and martialled the armies of Skellige to meet their foe, and meet them they did.

Geralt and his friend clashed for an entire day with the forces of the Wild Hunt, blades locked in a personal and bloody melee that ended with hundreds dead on both sides. Friends died, bonds were tested, and faith in each other's abilities and qualities was put to the ultimate test. In the end though, Geralt slew the King of the Wild Hunt, and so the threat was ended...or at least, it seemed to have ended. Remember that ability I mentioned that was possessed by dear Ciri? It was the power to move through different worlds, to travel along the very fabric of time itself, hence her title of The Lady of Time and Space. This ability was useful, to say the least, but it also possessed a raw destructive energy that allowed her to destroy any foe she possessed. In the past, many sought to use her power for their own ends, though they all had one goal in mind when using it...

I'm sure many of you know Ithlinne's Prophecy? The White Frost, the end of all things, the destiny of the world to be buried beneath millions of feet of snow, all life frozen to death. Now, as it transpires, we weren't the only world that was doomed to this fate, many others have already been destroyed by the White Frost, and it was only a matter of time before ours became the next one on it's list. Ciri knew this, and when she had finally mastered her abilities, she knew what she had to do to save us all...destroy the White Frost. To that end, when the Wild Hunt was defeated, she used her power to cross the worlds and find the White Frost, and she gave her life making sure it would never harm anyone else...she saved us all.

Of course, this had some unintended side effects. In opening a portal to the White Frost, she caused the Godwave, the second instance of a Conjuction of the Spheres event in our history. New and horrible creatures were brought to our world, and even more of what was already here entered our realm. Now, monsters are more prevalent than they have ever been, and with Witchers as a dying breed, it is unknown if we will survive the onsalught ahead of us.

Nilfgaard, Novigrad and Redania

Now I'm sure many of you are thinking 'Well that's all well and good, but things in the cities are worse than ever for me, how the hell does that explain how bad things are here?' Well, in truth, it doesn't, your problems are mostly due to an entirely different set of problems, though no less important. Novigrad is a fine city, full of laughter and merriment, especially here I'm sure you can all agree, but it was not always this way. Just under a year ago, this entire city was under siege by both inside and outside forces. The war between Nilfgaard and Redania was more violent than it had ever been, and both Monarchies had their eyes set here: The Free City. Of course, at the time, they couldn't touch us, we were protected for the most part by the leat likely of bedfellows. The King of Beggers, Cleaver, Sigi Reuven, and Whoreson Jr: The four pillars of Novigrad's underworld, were the only things keeping this city from their rule, for they had the power to destroy all of the city's resources the instant they crossed the pontar to get inside. Of course, that didn't mean we were untouchable, for both kingdoms still had plenty of influence within this kingdom.

The Church of the Eternal Fire, once a small conclave within the city, was enflamed and bloated by the patronization of King Radovid of Redania, and with this new power, they turned their sight on all they deemed impure, which was whatever the Mad King decreed. This place was once a safe haven for Mages and Sorceresses alike, but under the rule of the Church, their kind soon became fearful to even step outside their homes lest they be delivered into the hands of the Witch Hunters, followed by an execution pyre. It was a dark time then, and even when the Mages all dried up, things didn't get any better, for the Church simply turned to Non-humans instead, always searching for a scapegoat for their problems instead of actually taking the time to help the people they claimed to protect. Ultimately, their downfall was brought about by the very Empire two of the Crime Lords fought to keep out of Novigrad. Sigi Reuven and Whoreson Jr. both fought for Redania, and if their efforts had continued unimpeded, things here may have been much worse. Instead, Reuven was killed under mysterious circumstances, and soon after, Whoreson Jr. found the light and renounced his criminal enterprises. Novigrad was occupied by Nilfgaard, the Church of the Eternal Fire reduced to but a shell of it's former self by their soldiers when they attempted to fight back.

Free of the threat of Radovid and his fantical ways, many mages returned to the city, and Non-humans too, but many were now under the ever watchful eye of Emhyr and his forces, and of course, the prejudices that people were instilled with never quite left. Thankfully, people are no longer burned here, but they will still have many trials to endure before they can fully recover. As for you all, you too will face many challenges, I assume, but if you simply persist and find it in yourselves to just think things through and trust in each other instead of blindly going it alone and blaming everything else for your own problems, I'll wager your problems will start to lessen.

Of course, I'm only a bard, whatever you all do, well, it's all up to you in this new world of ours...