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Uh Hi. Hello.


Best Boi.
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Jan 19, 2019
So I got shown this site and thought that I might as well add yet another RP site to my list lol. Mostly here for DC RP, but I'm open to alot of others. Hit me uuuup.


New Members & Queso
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Feb 25, 2018
Yo yo yo!

I'm Slam, obviously, and its a pleasure to see you here @GreenLightWolf

As the PM you got covered: I'm a member of the New Members team here on the Nexus (along with my good friends @Tristar, @Sly, and @Seth3828). We serve as a reliable cabal of faces for any go-to-questions you might have first coming to the site. That's not to say that all staff don't have an open door policy for such questions (they do), but we've found having some staff pointed out in advance makes it easier for especially newer faces to play-by-post site RP.

Of course the DC RP is really just starting to get into the swing so you're at a perfect time to come to us.

If you have any questions then feel free to shoot it out there, and if you haven't already then I highly recommend joining our Discord.