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Xenforo 2.1.X Bugs


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Feb 21, 2018
I recently upgraded the software that we use to run the site (XenForo), and it's turned out to be a fairly major update. I've noticed that it brought a fair amount of bugs, some due to XenForo itself, and some due to unforeseen interactions between add-ons that we use. In order for me to address these, and figure out what's causing them, I'm opening up a specific thread for bug-reporting. If you have an issue using the site, or just notice a bug, take the time to detail it in the thread below if you can.

Bug Report Thread

Known Bugs:

Thread Titles All Caps:

Image Resize

Issues with the
[IMG width="parameter"]

Google Font Button
Issues with the Google Font button in the editor prevent the selected font from actually displaying in post. For now use
if you would like to use Google Fonts
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