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Starship Approved YT-2400 "The Krayt's Claw"

Grumpy Bear

Nexus Writer
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Mar 3, 2018
Echoylir's YT-2400 Light Frieghter

"The Krayt's Claw"​

Advanced Technology?: No

Ownership: Echoylir Bralor

Intent: I wants a ship. 'cus I gotta get my mando macho man from A to B somehow without hitching a lift in a vehicle crewed by a stoner, a dog, a jock, a nerd and a glamour model who go on adventures that Echoylir may not want to go on.

Model: YT-2400
Name: The Krayt's Claw

Dimensions: 21m Length
26.7m Width

Class: Light Freighter

Crew: 1 minimum
4 optimal

Passengers: 9

Armament: Two Quad Laser Cannons, one mounted on each turret ring.
Two Proton Torpedo Launchers, each with with a 3 torpedo magazine.
1 Ion Cannon, mounted under the cockpit.

Equipment: Two escape pods.
Emergency life support.
Power-Boosted Shield Generators.
Military grade sensor system.
An Incom-brand combat computer.
Reinforced titanium-beskar armour, double thickness over standard after-market armour.
3 MandalHypernautics K41-J2 Ion Engines
Military grade Navigation system
Enhanced sensor countermeasure package

Hyperdrive Rating: Primary Hyperdrive Class 1
Secondary Hyperdrive Class 10

Maneuverability: As a Light Freighter, the Krayt's Claw isn't noted for it's ability to engage in a fighter scrum and turn on the figurative dime. It is a large ship with an offset cockpit, making maneuvers with it in space relatively sluggish. A turn fighter it is not. However any lack of mobility is made up for by the ship's excessive toughness due to it's powerful shields and armour plating.

Description: The Krayt's Claw is a YT-2400 light freighter registered to Echoylir Bralor. Like all YT-2400's, it started life as a bare bones vessel with a hyperdrive, some basic ion engines and light laser cannons. But also like every stock YT-2400, the Krayt's Claw had potential. Potential that Echoylir has spent the better part of two decades exploiting, modifying every last little component of his ship. It is safe to say that aside from the basic space frame, nothing on the Claw is what it came with out of CEC's shipyards.

Acquiring the Claw was the first thing Echoylir did with his first paycheck from the mercenary work he did under contract for Concordian Crescent Technologies, pouring every last credit into the pristine YT-2400, bought directly from the Corellian dealership he found it at. In truth, he paid far more than the recommended price, but it didn't matter. Echoylir had fallen in love with the offset, ungainly ship, second only in his eyes to his budding family at the time.

Over the years, he has poured uncounted hundreds of thousands of credits into the Claw, upgrading everything, or outright replacing in the case of the engines. He has tweaked it, tinkered with it and dragged every last ounce of potential out of the ship. It is as much a flying home as it is a gunship. The stock light laser cannons were tossed out, replaced with much more capable Hydex 22 Quad Laser Cannons, placed into the turret rings. These are normally slaved to the centerline of the ship, allowing Echoylir, or whomever is piloting, the ability to fire them directly forwards without a gunner in either turret section. Additionally, two Proton Torpedo Launchers give the Claw a heavy punch. An Ion Cannon rounds out the ship's armament, giving the Claw the ability chase down, snare and ultimately deal with any kind of troublesome prey in the void.

Upgrades to the ship's navigation systems, countermeasures, sensors, shields, armour plating and more were all slowly but surely added to the Krayt's Claw over it's life, while the interior was altered to fit Echoylir's needs. It features two main cabins, in the stock location of all YT-2400's. Additionally, one of the cargo holds was retrofitted into a small barracks area, with enough space for 9 sentients to sleep quite comfortably in private berths. The remaining cargo hold was downsized, made far more compact and is only able to carry 25 tons worth of cargo, as well as a single speeder, usually his friend Kaz's V-19 Gian Speeder.

The rest of the ship's interior is given over to a communal living space, complete with galley, 'fresher room and a small, if neglected now, nursery. A machine shop for fabricating spare parts and maintaining weaponry, and a small armoury, round out the interior of the Krayt's Claw. It is necessarily cramped, as all YT-series freighters are, but it is home for many.​

Jiang Winters

Chief Cat & Tech Admin
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Mar 5, 2018
As a quick note (for future reference) the beskar used in the ship's hull armor is for flavor only and confers no special bonuses or penalties. The vessel is resilient due to the thickness of its plating, not due to the composition of said plating. The beskar used in the construction of this vessel does not confer any lightsaber-resistant properties.

With that note made, your ship is Approved!