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Approved Indie Zastrela Han-Ve


The Lordiest of Ferrets
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Feb 21, 2018


Zastrela Han-Ve
Real Name: Zastrela Han-Ve | Superhero Name: N/A | Age: 61,414 years old (Physically 17) | Species: Kryptonian | Sex: Female | Occupation: Hapless Would-Be Conqueror | Homeworld: Krypton | Height: 5'4” | Hair Color: Brown

"I claim this planet in the name of Krypton!"―Zastrela Han-Ve, moments before running for her life to escape a mob of angry Congo Pygmies.


Over sixty-thousand years ago, nearing the height of Krypton's Golden Age of Expansion and long prior to their inward turn toward genetic engineering and isolationism, one of the most prominent families on Krypton was the House of Ve: a family of soldiers, explorers, and pioneers with a proud tradition of serving within the Kryptonian Armed Forces. General Han-Ve was amongst the greatest of his family line, and upon the birth of his daughter, Zastrela Han-Ve, usually called "Rela", the members of the Warriors Guild had high expectations for the young girl.

They wound up disappointed.

As Rela grew up, despite her training and education in the ways of war and doing quite well on her written exams, it became abundantly clear that she simply didn't have what it took to be a soldier, no matter how enthusiastically she took to her training. She was too friendly, too chatty, too… goofy. Regardless, a member of the illustrious House of Ve washing out would bring even more shame to the family than continuing to struggle-- because at least if she stayed the course people might respect her determination. And so Han-Ve shielded his daughter and did his best to shape her into a proper soldier. She did her best to be a proper soldier. She got much better.

And she still wasn't very good.

Eventually, during a brief conflict with the Green Lantern Corps, in order to get Rela away from Krypton for a while in order to both give her something to do and get some glory for herself without risking her life on the front lines, Han-Ve placed Rela with a scout team to find and prepare a nearby planet for colonization. Happy to be given such an important job, Rela bade farewell to her family and promised to make them proud, before setting off for the planet in question: Earth. During this trip, the scout ship became damaged by the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 at the time, and after fighting and managing to defeat the Lantern after he boarded the ship, the team decided to enter cryosleep while waiting for their ship to be repaired while in orbit of Earth. It took roughly a century before the ship’s orbit decayed enough to cause the ship to crash land in what is today known as the Congolese rainforests, killing everyone on the ship; except, by an amazing stroke of luck, Rela herself.

After remaining in cryosleep for over sixty millennia, the life support systems of Rela’s pod finally began to fail, with an emergency failsafe activating in order to wake Rela up before total systems failure. Now, clad only in her Kryptonian armor and carrying the weapons given to her, Rela has attempted to find civilization while becoming aware of her new powers-- and freaking out over them. Unaware of Krypton’s fate, Rela is currently attempting to continue her mandate of subjugating the local planet in order to colonize it later-- the keyword being "attempting", because she’s not doing a very good job of it.

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