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Sorry. Thought I was in a good enough place mentally to come back and do something fun. Apparently, I still have some serious work to do. Sorry again.
There's a lot of things contributing to how I've reacted and behaved. Regardless of that though, I shouldn't have taken it out on people.

I guess it's just hard to believe people want to RP with you, when every time they say "I'll get to it today/tomorrow", that doesn't actually happen. Or like, I get talked up into being really excited about something that apparently wasn't anywhere close to being ready to happen, and I just...feel like I'm a bother, for constantly being like, "hey, what's up with this happening?" every time they come online.

I also don't want people to think I don't appreciate the difference in timing situations, because I'm well aware of how much time I have compared to everyone else, and I try to always keep that in mind.

Most of the time, I'm just sitting there, staring at the chat. Waiting for some kind of contact. Because I'm lonely af, and have apparently forgotten how the fuck to make friends with people online, or anywhere really.

But like, staring at Tales sitting idle fucking tore me up inside. And I just couldn't look at it sitting there anymore. Because I felt like, anywhere else that RP would have had 5-6 posts in it in that week the IC was up. So I asked for it to be deleted, and then basically proceeded to let my mental damage dictate my actions until I'd broken everything to its satisfaction and was then burdened with mountain of guilt afterwards.
Add me on Discord, let's chat about this? You've not done that much wrong, and you don't need to feel this guilt. It's all okay.
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Okay, sure. :oops:
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