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  • R
    Hello, I was pointed to this forum by someone, Not a Member, to check out. Looks like you guys have a cool setup, I may stick around. So Let me say Hello to all of you wonderful people. Seems like the site is dead if not just very slow. Just...
  • Prudence
    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Peace! After centuries of conflict, a fragile peace reigns in the galaxy. The Second Jedi Civil War, though it divided the denizens of the galaxy and paved the way for the Era of the Warlords, is a...
  • Aidrian
    Aidrian replied to the thread Private The Sky is Falling.
    Please, whatever God is out there, can we drop this topic? Anything would be better than this. Maybe a quick death? Just fucking shoot me right in the head so I won't see it coming. "Your code?" Sam asked as she let the suit close around her...
  • Prudence
    Prudence replied to the thread Private The Sky is Falling.
    "Oh, no I think you're mistaken, this," he motioned up and down her, "is definitely a serious Iron Man thing. We're not dropping this topic, not yet." He slowly followed her as she dragged the suit toward the workbench with the PC. Tony looked...
  • Prudence
    Prudence reacted to Aidrian's post in the thread Private The Sky is Falling with Love Love.
    Sam fought the urge to slap a hand on her mask when Iron Man tried to make her stop. He really doesn't need to look at this stupid thing, god damn it... I should've just taken my tools with, shit. She stopped, still holding her toolkit at the...